Piya Bajwa – Founder

My life began after cancer!

A self-made career woman, I held various corporate profiles spanning two decades. In this period, I was the Regional Head of the Indo-French and the Indo-Italian chambers of commerce and more recently, led the New Business division of two American chemical engineering firms in India. I am told that I was the only woman in the country to have headed the sales strategy of industrial chemicals. I was hungry to climb new heights of the corporate world until cancer happened. While it did not stop me from working, it made me come to terms with the reality of life, and hos inconsequential all achievements can turn into, in a flash.While I accepted the reality of cancer with a practical frame of mind, in this journey I was blessed by the gracious and selfless acts of strangers who came forward to help me, and in one instance, vanished as suddenly as the appearance.

Cancer was to me the doorway to the deeper sense of living. I have since, counselled cancer patients on request from my doctor and raised funds for breast cancer awareness campaigns for the Miss Universe program in India.

My son Fateh, is a special child, who faced life head on from the moment he was born. His journey has been nothing short of a constant struggle, trying to blend with his surroundings and his peers. His poise, steadfast belief that human relations should be peaceful, positive and happy, and his spontaneous desire to help those in strife, have further defined my life, my thinking and my aspirations. He has been a beacon of what special means.

I have thus embarked on this journey of ‘Nobility for Ability’, to raise awareness about these issues, and to raise funds to support organisations that are committed to being drivers of change – organisations that are enabling the afflicted to stand up in their own right – and could do more with some benevolence. It’s a weekend for a cause, and I invite you to be part of it.